Independent Press Reporter wanted for Rhayader Town Council meetings

Rhayader Town Council

Fancy reporting on the deliberations at Rhayader Town Council meetings?

Rhayader Town Council is looking for a voluntary independent press reporter to attend its monthly meetings to report on the issues affecting Rhayader and District which can be sent local papers and media outlets. The Council is responsible for providing a wide range of services that affect local people and it strives to improve their well-being as far as is possible. Over recent years the Council has taken on a number of additional duties and responsibilities as a direct result of the Powys County Council making further cuts to front line services and expecting town and community councils to bridge the gap. 

There will be many more difficult decisions and deliberations necessary for the Town Council to make in both the short and long term which will have an impact on our people and surroundings and the Town Council feels that independent reporting of their work and deliberations is desirable.

The Town Council meets at 7pm on the second to last Tuesday of every month in the Old School, Cwmdauddwr. For further information about the post please send a covering letter detailing your interest and providing information relevant to your experience (if any) to Carl Baker, Town Clerk, Rhayader Town Council, Glenydd, South Street, Rhayader, Powys,